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PVC boxes and trade designations

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I've seen designations on PVC boxes such as FSE, FSC, FSS. From a quick deduction these labels appear to relate to where the pipe enters/exits the box, and how many ports are molded into the boxes. (e.g. - one hole; two holes; two holes on one end; two holes with one on each end; etc.

Anyone know where can I find a comprehensive list of these designations with definitions? Not having much luck with Google.

Here is an example.
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FS boxes are typically used for exterior applications. Code here doesn't allow PVC for exposed exterior use. If it's buried (some municipalities require concrete encasement) then it's OK.

Are you looking for something like this?

We went through a lot of discussion about terminology a while ago but basically the blue boxes are for interior applications and "gang" refers to the maximum number of devices you can get in a box. You can use a two gang box, install a single gang drywall ring on it and you have an opening in your drywall for one device with extra space in the box for terminations and such.

Here's the metal version:

4"x4" boxes are often referred to as 1900 boxes. Rectangular boxes as 8-B boxes. Weatherproof are often referred to as Bell boxes. Terminology depends on where you're from.

Hope this helps.
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