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  1. I have 12/2 armorlite cable going from my sub panel to an AC disconnect. It is running on the inside of a metal building and the through a hole I cut in the metal wall. I can't feed the metal cable all the way to the AC disconnect, through the wall, so I removed the metal sheathing just before...
  2. Re: wine room refrigeration HVAC installer has comp being controlled off/on via suction pressure switch not connected to thermostat I am now replacing 3 compressor. Is my "guy" a newby got it all wrong. Don't I need the thermo to be connected for control? Thanks, Ed
  3. Hey all - Long time no chat. I'll be installing a few of these (This is all outdoor, on a utility pole. ) They are a weather tight enclosure for some networking gear and a power supply. The power supply is called a POE adapter. It...
  4. I'm trying to diagnose a problem where a breaker trips when power is restored. It will do it when operating the main breaker and after a power failure. It sometimes will snap back on itself but that's less common. I removed the hot wire from the breaker entirely and tried toggling the main and...
  5. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I have a one piece light cream marble vanity top with backsplash in my bathroom that was installed in 1990 when the original owner added a bath. I would really like to keep it, but it's been stained with what I think is permanent hair dye (the color matches the hair I pulled from the p-trap)...
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