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Home Improvement


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Building & Construction

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Concrete, Stone & Masonry

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Drywall & Plaster

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Green Home Improvement

Energy Saving Ideas, Green Construction and Remodeling, and other Green Topics
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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning discussions.
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Interior Decorating

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Metal Fabrication

Welding tips and tricks. Metal bending and forming.
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Pest Control

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Windows and Doors

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Equipment & Safety


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Do It Yourself

Automotive Repairs

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Cook It Yourself

Whether you are cooking in your kitchen or grilling outdoors, we want to hear about it. Don't forget to share favorite recipes and gadgets you use too.
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Home Automation

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Home Theater

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How To Guides

How To Tips designed to help you complete a task from start to finish.
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A place to relax. Keep it clean!
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Classifieds A place for Individuals to sell and trade supplies and tools. No commercial posting.


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