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PVC boxes and trade designations

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I've seen designations on PVC boxes such as FSE, FSC, FSS. From a quick deduction these labels appear to relate to where the pipe enters/exits the box, and how many ports are molded into the boxes. (e.g. - one hole; two holes; two holes on one end; two holes with one on each end; etc.

Anyone know where can I find a comprehensive list of these designations with definitions? Not having much luck with Google.

Here is an example.
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I'm asking in the context of PVC weatherproof boxes. What I'm looking for, for example, is the different designations for a:

PVC 1/2" 1-gang box with one hole


PVC 1/2" 1-gang box with two holes, one on each end


PVC 1/2" 1-gang box with two holes, both on each end

Et cetera, et cetera.
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Thanks KB...that's a great help. But, I'm not following the logic of E, S, CC. Are these random letters?

The S and D for shallow and deep make sense, though.

Oops...didn't see the link...I'll go read. Thanks.
kbsparky said:
Those letter designations are equally applied to conduit body access fittings.

Type E = end

Type C = continuation

Not sure how they got type SS or type SCC however .... :huh:

Scroll back to page 49 of the catalog to see `em ....
Got it...thanks a bunch.
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