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PVC boxes and trade designations

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I've seen designations on PVC boxes such as FSE, FSC, FSS. From a quick deduction these labels appear to relate to where the pipe enters/exits the box, and how many ports are molded into the boxes. (e.g. - one hole; two holes; two holes on one end; two holes with one on each end; etc.

Anyone know where can I find a comprehensive list of these designations with definitions? Not having much luck with Google.

Here is an example.
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I'm asking in the context of PVC weatherproof boxes. What I'm looking for, for example, is the different designations for a:

PVC 1/2" 1-gang box with one hole

Type FSE


PVC 1/2" 1-gang box with two holes, one on each end

Type FSC


PVC 1/2" 1-gang box with two holes, both on each end

Have not seen one of these, but a type FSS has 2 holes on one end, and a type FSCC has 2 holes on one end, and one hole on the other end.

Et cetera, et cetera.

Also, there are "FD" boxes available which are the same type, except they are deeper. FS = shallow; FD = deep.

Click here for one manufacturer's online catalog, and look at pages 55-60.
Those letter designations are equally applied to conduit body access fittings.

Type E = end

Type C = continuation

Not sure how they got type SS or type SCC however .... :huh:

Scroll back to page 49 of the catalog to see `em ....
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