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Hi everyone! I’d like to get your opinions on whether walling off a basement window will cause a condensation issue. I’m planning a basement remodel and the wall we’d like our TV, etc. to go on has a window (non-egress) that will visually interfere with the space. I know I may sound crazy, but I’m really detail oriented and just envisioning the space bothers me let alone when it’s actually done. I was thinking of just walling in the window to eliminate it, but my architect indicated there may be a condensation issue. I’d like you opinions on whether you think this may be true and what are some work-a-rounds for it.

Because of an interior perimeter drainage system, the walls will be built at least 6 inches away from the concrete. In addition, there is a large space for the sump pit directly next to the window (upper right corner). I’m thinking that these two spaces would be enough to compensate for any condensation issue and allow proper air flow.

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