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New construction on exterior walls

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I plan on using 2 x 6 for the exterior walls. How does this affect my door and window installations. Will the standard jams be ok or will I need to retrofit the windows and door?
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it depends on your region and what your window supplier can do for you.

in some regions r-24 insulation is required on exterior walls which is most often achieved with r-20 batts in the stud cavity then 1" rigid foam on the outside of the sheathing, ,that extra 1" pushes the windows and doors out further from the inside of the wall.. so some window manufactuers will make the window deep enough that you simply have to put interior casing on.. no jamb extenions required.. though thats rare.. more often than not just have to rip custom jamb extensions for the trim to attach to
depending on the window manufacturer.. ive installed all the big name brands. along with countless cheapy locally made ones. the only doors ive seen with the jamb extension already on them are by Norwood. might just be a local trend that companies dont do it or its do to cost. the norwoods are probably the most expensive windows and doors ive installed
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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