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Here's the electrical question....

1) Is it acceptable to provide the 110V to the outlets by using one of the two hot legs of the 220V, or do I need to pull a three conductor wire for the 110V in addition to the wire for the 220V outlet?

2) Since the RAS has only a three-pin plug, Hot-A, Hot-B and Ground, is there any reason to even pull 4-conductor wire for the 220V if I pull separate wire for the 110V? Obviously if I can use one of the hot legs of the 220V for my 110V then I have to pull four conductor because I need the common neutral, but if I can'y can I just use three conductor wire for both?

Thanks for your help,

Need a joed or JV or brric or somebody to comment:
The OP whats to feed a two gang box as a MWBC with a split 120 volt receptacle and then tap the two hots for a 240 receptacle.

Electrically it would work but I can't believe it would be compliant.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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