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Zinsser primers question

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So in our nicotine-infested house we've been priming everything with BIN, Coverstain, and 1-2-3. We had to use BIN in most of the main living areas. We painted a 2'x2' square of the 123 on all the walls and ceilings left (bedrooms) to see if any brown/orange was bleeding through and a couple of the bedrooms were fine. In those rooms, we went ahead and used the 123 on ceilings and walls and then painted. The ceiling is painted in an off-white SW ceiling paint, and after 2 coats the 2x2 spot (essentially, the spot primed twice) is still showing very clearly through the paint. What did we do wrong?

If that was confusing: spot showing= 2 coats of 123, 2 coats of SW ceiling paint. Rest of the ceiling, 1 coat of 123, 2 coats of paint.

The guy at SW said it would be fine with 1 coat of ceiling paint, since we were priming it first. (and I had explained to him the whole 2x2 sections of primer all over, too) :huh:
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1-2-3, if you look closely, actually has a sheen to it, somewhat like an eggshell. That being said, if you covered it with a flat ceiling paint, it's like painting flat over satin, so yes, two full coats, IMO is gonna reduce that flashing of the primer. Be sure to really load up that roller and put some paint on that ceiling. Your roller cover should ALMOST be dripping with paint before each pass on the ceiling.
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