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Zinsser bin lot codes / date codes

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Hi. I have a quart of Zinsser b-i-n in front of me.

It's identified as LOT S13041 D

Can anyone tell me the date it was manufactured ?

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The last digit is the month, 1, therefore January. January of 1304. Probably too old to use. :laughing:
Honestly Crystal, there's no way to tell by that number alone. BIN does go bad. With the new high price of BIN, I would make every effort to use it, if it's good. Call Zinsser, they should be able to tell you. If it's been sitting that long, and they tell you it's good, stop at a paint store, bat your eyes, (sexist, I know) and ask them to shake it for you. BIN can get really sludgy on the bottom and difficult to stir in. I always have my BIN shaken, not stirred.
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I'd definitly shake it for ya if you were hot and bashed your eyelids at me!!!!
all manufactures use different codes in there batch numbers. SW uses 2 types of numbers for some reason. ex...XM3280AG was made on the 328th day of 2010, & ROO845004H10 was made on 8/4/10 H being the month in this case. so much easier than putting a normal date on it i guess :huh:. if you do the eye lash thing for me, i may be able to help you with your batch#:wink:
BIN isn't too difficult to tell when it's bad. If you shake it, give it a minute to settle and then open the can, you'll see bits of white floating around that have not dispersed into the solvent if it's bad.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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