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Zinsco circuit breaker with test light n pig tail

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Does any one have any idea if this type of breaker will read 120 v at both post wen still in panel box .this breaker has single pole
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This one has been the victim of extreme destruction, judging from the way the side is blown out. Into the trash it goes.

You really, really ought to plan to replace that Zinsco panel. The things are firestarters in a big way, and this can't be corrected by changing breakers, because the bus itself is the issue.
No no I t got busted wen I tried to unscrew the wires its connected too
Every thing looks good except the post without swtch on the breaker has little to no voltage .
Is that normal or it should have around 120v?
if the circuit breaker is in good condition and mounted in the panel ?
Then you should read 120v on both sides of the breaker
If the breaker is turned on
if it reads on only one side (line side) then it is either turned off or faulty.
No no I t got busted wen I tried to unscrew the wires its connected too
Because the plastic case got brittle from age and/or excessive heat.

Maybe a slower version of what I said, but the same in the end. It's dead, Jim. Off to the breaker museum it goes!

I realize that puts you in the unpleasant position of trying to find a Zinsco GFCI breaker in the 21st century, but given the age of the GFCI it's more the illusion of safety. Hmm, that's pretty much Zinsco's motto: "the illusion of safety". I'm sorry, not to rag on your panel, but it is on the shortlist (with FPE) of panels known to be dangerous firestarters. It must go. So I don't see any point in paying nosebleed prices for a rare Zinsco breaker (GFCI or not) to replace this one. It's throwing good money after bad.

We ought to have a conversation about a strategy to replace your panel at sane cost.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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