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"Zig Zag" Basement Wall Framing - Need Advice

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I'm framing an exterior wall of my basement, and for a couple reasons I need to make one portion of the wall further out than another portion.

See picture. I plan on putting a flat 2x4 on the next set of plates, and then continuing on with my studs 16" on center. This should allow drywall to lay flat on the "zig zag."

Is this the correct procedure? Any other suggestions?


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If you plan on drywalling the smaller section, you would need to add another 2x4 as a 'right' nailer on the small wall...
change the end stud on the left wall to a 2x8 so it comes past the end stud on the joiner wall. this will give backing for drywall and make a stronger corner
Sill-sealer under the p.t. bottom plates:

Need the fire-stop those walls at the top and every 10' horizontally, post #21, 22;

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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