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Your Vote? Baseboard swivel vents open or closed?

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I know it seems like a no brainer. Close the swivel vents and you prevent the hot air. But then it does heat up the baseboard covers and allow for slower cooling, more heat time. Just wanted to see what you think? Jack ":-Dx :vs_wave:
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If the radiator gets HOT from closed covers, the water temp rises in the boiler and it will shut down on it's normal temp control so you accomplish nothing.
I accept for consideration this good info. However I've been using it this way for several years without a shut down. Now, I'm wondering I am just finishing up insulating all the baseboard pipes running below the floor in the basement ceiling. Now that could even add to hotter water in the boiler. But how can the water possibly get any hotter than what it produces. That just doesn't seem to bare logic. If the boiler puts out say, I have no idea, just for comment 200F Then it's 200F when it leaves the boiler, there is no way it's going to return hotter? Just thinking about it. Thanks so much. I may have to open some of these vents. Haven noticed any problem heating the house however and it seems to heat up quickly.
Copper fin baseboard is a convection heat. Closing the louvers slows/reduces the heat output, and just causes the circ to run longer using more electric. And the boiler to stay hotter longer, putting more heat out the chimney.
Always persuaded by folks with expertise and experience. I have already started opening the fins. Thanks so much to both commenters above!!! :thumbup:
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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