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You sparkies may find this video interesting...

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I was watching tv and found this to be kind of interesting:)

Title "Deadliest catch"

Description: An electrician's fuse runs short.
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Sometimes I truly hate television.
Very very stupid TV. Why would touching the boat have killed him?
Stupid. He would have died as soon as he near the 12KV line to connect to it.
I don't doubt he's dead, but I think their reconstruction of how is faulty.
I refuse to believe someone, especially an electrician, was so stupid. Even if he was drunk. Although lately the more I look around the more I realize the world is full of idiots. People are making way too many bad choices. We keep this up and will end up like that movie with Luke Wilson called Idiocracy.
That was the dumbest, most poorly thought out video I've seen in years!

1) The '12,000 volt' line shown was in reality, a triplex. Less than 600 volts, more likely 120/240.

2) Why would anyone go fishing with a mile or so of assorted cord and no tools in the back of an SUV?

3) That cord he so proudly displayed in the boat was a basic extension cord. 300 volt insulation, maybe 600. Anything more than about 4,000 volts would go right through it!

Completely ridiculous!

I know, I thought it was pretty stupid.

When they said 12000 volts, no way he would have the wires in an "suv" that has the dielectric strength against 12kv.

No way he could attach the wire to the powerline without a big zap.

When I saw those, split phase! Doubt it would overcome the resistance of the dirty water in the lake.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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