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You identify it, you can have it

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Not sure what this is. Aquarium Pump? Bought in a box at an auction. Looks like some kind of pump, filter fabric on the bottom. Electrical connectors on top.

Note rheostat on rear of unit. Looks like an expensive item, hate to junk it. There are no identification numbers anywhere on it. Unit is about 15" long (high) and about 4.5" in diameter at the red O-ring seal at the top

If you can use it or just want to play with it, its yours for the price of shipping. Send me a PM with name and address and I will figure the shipping and get back to you.

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Willie T is the closest so far. Appears to be for a 94-96 Cadillac. Float/level indicator is missing.

Try to sell it, they go for about $200 new.
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