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Hi All-
I stumbled across this site this morning and I was impressed enough to join. thanks for being here!

I am not a home remodeling professional, but I am definitely acquiring skills and each one seems to help me with the next, but I still have lots of questions. My current project (the one that brought me here) is installing a floating cork floor in my living room, complicated a bit by the curved granite tile & glass (mosaic) hearth and curved tile entryway that I have already installed. Along with current headscratching as to whether or not to rip out the very squeaky wood floor that is already there (house was built in 1955, floor is original) or just screw the heck out of it (to the joists & subfloor). Knowing what I know about wood (expansion), I'm figuring that it's probably a pretty bad idea, but I would like to hear your opinions on that, too...

Things that I've done, that I'm probably a good question answer-er for, are:
tile work, esp. with stone
glass mosaic
cabinetry & finish work
"green" stuff in general
product environmental safety and recycling/disposal (from my professional background in toxicology)

other than the tox. stuff I'm not a pro, but a getting-more-experienced DIY'er.

looking forward to learning from y'all, and maybe even being able to return the favor from time-to-time.

Chris in SLC
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