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Xenon bulb

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There are lights mounted on the seat wall that goes around my paver patio. I need to replace some of them. The bulbs are either 10W or 5W T3.5 Xenon wedge base LED lamps. I'm having trouble finding replacements. The closest I can find are at Lowes, but the lowest wattage is 18W. I think that might be too much. Also, what does the T3.5 mean? Is Xenon a brand name or a type of bulb?
Any help in finding the correct replacements will be appreciated.
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Guessing a bit based on usual standards....
T usually means tubular ---is that the shape of your lamp(s) ?
The number, in this case 3.5, usually indicates diameter in 1/8's of an
inch, therefore this would be 7/16" dia - is that what you have?
Xenon is a noble gas. Xenon lamps are similar to incandescent except
for the internal gas.
I've successfully replaced xenon lamps with led lamps of same form.
In my case, they were not T3.5's.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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