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Would you buy a used sprayer?

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I currently have a Wagner Twin Stroke 9170 I purchased 15 years or so ago. It works but I wasn’t impressed w/ the paint application from day one. I was recommended to try a Titan 440 by a friend of a friend who paints for a living. He said 440’s are easy to rebuild but when I see these used $500 dollar units on craigslist spattered w/ paint I hesitate. Thoughts? Thank you.
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I repair pumps and I bought a used 1095 without fully inspecting it first thinking it would just need a repack. Turned out it needed a repack, piston rod, prime valve, and a major componet had a crack which would cost $500 to replace new. Luckily I was able to install a helicoil to fix it so only sunk $200 in parts instead of $700 which at that point i would be better off buying new. I also bought a used 395, repacked it and has paid for its self 10x over in rentals.

short story: used equipment can be hit or miss
The good thing about a Titan is you can buy repair parts. I have 2 Titan 660s. The first one I bought used and the other new. Both still work well although each has been rebuilt over the yrs.
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