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So we're moving into another house in a few months and I'm going to have a whole garage where I can use part of it as a workshop. Currently I have these pegboards in my shed to hang tools and other stuff.any of you guys have these and what are your thoughts or thoughts into other ideas. Thanks a lot.
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Pegboards are awesome. I had my husband put some up in my garage, then I changed my mind on where I wanted them and he hasn't moved them yet - I miss them.
Tool boxes w/drawers, cabinets, AND pegboard of course! We have a mix of all the types of storage, I think you kinda need it in the long run. Like you don't wanna store all of your power tools in a drawer, and you don't wanna store /ALL/ your hand tools on pegboard. And paint you want in a cabinet, or a shelf. Shelves are great for lidded plastic bins for the less used blocky stuff (read electrical boxes)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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