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I have a hypothetical question for anyone who works with construction from the ground up. I have intentions of building a workshop for woodworking, perhaps 16 X 20. I'm curious as to whether or not anyone has weighed the options of concrete vs wood flooring. My concern is cost rather than comfort. I haven't priced either lumber or concrete recently so I am asking here where the advice will no lilely be better than I could get locally. I would either build the structure on a slab, with turned down footing about 2' (warm here in Missouri) or put it on posts with 2x6 or 2x8 floor joists. I"m thinking 9 posts, perhaps 12. (haven't put pencil to paper yet) and a 3/4" t&g floor. Considering the two options, where will my cost come in? If I do the wood floor, then I won't need any concrete work other than for the posts. If I do the concrete then I will need some excavation, some fill and then the materials....and someone to pour it.
Any thoughts?:whistling2:
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If your going to go that big why not just build a 2 car sized garage?
No one has ever built a shop to big, but there's thousands that have built them to small.
The concrete slab will cost a bit more in materials than a wood framed floor----

If you must hire out the excavation and form work---then the cost is up--

You need to do some home work----the slab would be my first choice---critters like to nest under pier and beam structures so a future with skunks and opossums might wait for you if you go with the framed floor.
With the lumber quality gradually declining over the past few decades and the concrete quality staying reasonable stable I would be going concrete all the way.
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You'll want to consider floor loading for your shop. Heavy equipment like table saws, planers, etc. are going to like a concrete slab better than a framed floor unless it is upsized for that weight. Heavier joists, closer spacing, thicker flooring......
You might be surprised how small a thickened edge you will really need for a building that size, Here, in the cold, you'd only need a 12" thickened edge, which would be more than adequate for a wood framed garage................
If it was my shop I'd go with the two-car garage size (24'x24') especially if the shop is being built at your home. Should you desire to sell your home it would be an added featured for perspective buyers. I'd also go with the concrete slab as it would provide a stronger base for tools, plus in the future it could be a garage.

Just my humble thoughts.
I would go concrete....with wood, you would need a crawl space (you don't want to wood too close to the ground) and like maintenance said, loading.....

I do woodworking as a hobby....a wood floor is not going to be as sturdy and straight as concrete (unless the concrete guy is worthless).

Click on my Garage build link in my garage is just a bit bigger than what you want...but you will get the idea....
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