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Working with old cast iron flange

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Hey guys,

I'm on the tail end of a bathroom remodel (which I wouldn't have gotten through w/out this website...thanks. The floor and toilet ail be going in this weekend, and I am at a loss as what to do with this toilet. It appears as of the flange is a part of the drain pipe, and notches for the bolts are visible.

My question is how exactly do I work with this? We installed the subfloor last week, and w/tile and Durock, the flange will be recessed slightly.

The old toilet was connected directly to this old flange obviously with the wax ring.

Drain Plumbing fixture

Drain Plumbing fixture

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All that old cast iron should have been removed and replaced with PVC.
Just look inside that drain and tell me why.
If your still not going to replace it before it starts leaking or pluging up just use some of these.
Whats the plans for the flooring?
Tile can not be installed over 1/4 underlayment.
Was that underlayment attached every 4" on the edges and from 6 to 8" in the field?
All nail heads and seams gone over with filler?
Clean up the flange surface. Make sure it is anchored to the floor- no movement or your toilet will move. Set toilet as normal- you will need a thicker bowl wax because its below finish floor.
The floor is 1/2" Durock and then tile. Can you please tell me how I would have removed the old pipe? I am in the upper level of my house built in 1890. Accessibility was an issue during this renovation.
Yes, I can tell you. You cut out the ceiling below that flange and that entire line and take out that flange, and all the pipe connected to it right down to where your soil stack goes through your foundation.

You are in renovation, and you are not done with demolition. Look at that flange, and look into that pipe. They were gone years ago. If you close that crap in, you will be sorry in short order. (No Pun Intended)

The old adage of you cant shine S**T applies here more than most images I have seen on these forums.
The pictures you post sure look like just 1/4 plywood was used under the tile board, a big no no.
It's 3/4 plywood, which the 1/2 Durock will be laid on.
Only need 1/4 tile board on a floor, walls get 1/2.
Tile board does not add any strength to the floor.
2012-1890 = 122 years of use that cast Iron soil pipe has had. Its tired. Take it out. I knew that flange was 19th Century, My dads house which he built in 1948 Had brass floor flanges leaded to CI.

Think about how smooth the inside of 4 inch PVC is, and what has to go down that pipe and you will remove it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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