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I'm waiting to lay about 1000 sq/f of wooden flooring:
Type : Birch, Handscraped
Cut: Solid
Plank width: 4 5/8 inch
Plank thickness: 1/2 inch
My location: Denver
Here's my issue - the wood was purchased and delivered about 6 weeks ago and has been sitting in my lounge in boxes since then. I was told by the retailer to open the ends of the boxes and allow the wood to acclimatise since it comes from VA. They said it would be good after 3 weeks, but we have had other projects that have delayed the start.
I purchased some books and they all recommend taking the moisture content before laying the flooring, so I bought a moisture meter also.
I measured the wood samples we had taken out and I'm getting about 5-6% on these pieces. In fact, checking the wooden furniture, i get the same range. But I pulled a long piece out of the box and that was around 11%... so I tested another piece and got the same 11% read. Although the wood has been sitting in boxes with open ends for almost 2 months, it seems that the wood in the boxes is almost double that to the wood outside.
Now Denver is usually extremely dry and in the books I have they all say the range for moisture in this area is between 5-6 (all year). Which is about the same as the wood that has been laying outside the boxes. Seems strange since we have had rain for the last 2-3 weeks which is also unusual...
I'd like to start getting the flooring down next week but i'm terrified of both cupping/bucking and gaps. I need to ensure i get this right, so any advice would be appreciated.
Do I take the boxed wood out to bring it down to 6%? Or can I lay it at the 11%. These are wide planks also, so I know the movement is more significant in this case.
I've spoken to a few contractors here and they all tell me it is fine to lay it down as it is as long as the temp is more that 65F in the house.
Any support and advice will be much appreciated.
Thanks very much
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