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Wooden Dog Gate Design

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Hello all:

As my name states, I am a "tech guy", moderate experience working with wood. Due to my lack of knowledge in this area, I am hoping a member of this site may be able to toss some knowledge and experience my way.

I recently rescued a puppy from K-9 prison (Humane Society) and have setup a nice big play area indoors for him. Problem is I have an open floor plan. So, I have this very wide -- 94 inch -- opening I have to block off to keep him in.

I really don't want to throw an overpriced, metal eyesore gate or pen there, so I had the idea to bring the outdoors, indoors for him. I started designing a wooden, white picket fence as the barrier. It will consist of three picket segments: Two, 35 inch long segments for the left and right sides; one, 24 inch segment in the middle acting as a functional gate for entry and exit.

As for the environment it will be installed in: One wall is concrete (external side wall), the other wall is standard sheet rock (internal wall), flooring is standard carpeting. Additionally, my puppy is currently 5.1 lbs and will grow to a maximum of 35 lbs over the next 2.5 years.

My question is -- Is there any way to install this wooden fence with stability in mind, so my dog cannot just knock it over?

Thank you for your time and response(s),

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Unfortunately I don't have any photos on hand. My wife takes all of those so I'll have to talk to her later.
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