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wooden board under sliding door

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Yesterday I removed a rotting wooden board that was underneath my exterior side of my sliding glass door. It had carpenter ants within it, and I quickly removed the related wood, pink styrofoam insulation that had been chewed up, and the large colony of ants that had taken up residence there. The area was cleaned up well, and then sprayed with permethrin.

Ive already recaulked the area between the aluminum sill and concrete, and tonight I plan on putting in a new board back under the sliding glass door sill area with liquid nails and a few masonry nails, then stain and recaulk around the board.

My question is, is the insulation, and even the board really necessary?

Is the boards main purpose to provide some additional support to the sill area? If so, thats fine, no problem continuing with my plans. I just wanted to know its value.

Also, is there any value to putting additional pink foam back in that 6 foot area directly under the sill? Its an area 6ft wide, 6 inches tall, 1 inch thick.

I believe the prior people (likely original builders), had the concrete foundation wall, then the pink insulation foam, then the sill board. Im thinking of simply installing the board (granted a bit thicker then the last board), and skipping the insulation.

Does that sound alright? If not, any other suggestions?
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A picture would help---sounds like a sill flashing was overlooked.

Azek PVC trim boards might be a good idea.--Mike--
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