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Wood Stove installation w/vaulted ceiling

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I'm planning to install a small wood stove, one rated for about 1000 sqft.

The pipe will go straight up through a vaulted ceiling.

I read somewhere that I should have something like 14' of pipe in order to get optimal draw through the stove; However, when I follow the code and put it 3' above the roof line, and 2' above the ridge which is within 10' of the pipe, I end up with a little over 9'.

Is that enough, since it's straight up.

Also, the ceiling/roof pitch is 4/12. I'm wondering if the plates on the wall thimble will conform to the angle, or do they make an angled thimble for such installations?

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The 14' minimum chimney height seems to be a standard used by manufacturers whether the stove is large or small.

The reason it is important to have a chimney of proper length and diameter is because the new EPA compliant stoves require more draft than stoves of yesteryear to function properly.

With that said, I have a few thoughts.

If you want to try the installation with 9' of pipe, you can do that, and the stove may very well function properly (stove installations are hardly an exact science). If you are using proper pipe diameter (I'd imagine 6" if it's a small stove as you state), and you go with a good insulated 2100 degree stainless chimney (through the attic and above the roofline) then it may very well function properly.

Here is the caveat - if you install with less than 14' of pipe, leave yourself the ability to extend the pipe later if the stove does not function properly.

It will be pretty evident once you start using the stove whether it is functioning properly. Things like if you can't get it started very well (wants to go out), or if you are not able to completely close the air control. If you experience these problems you will need to add more length to the chimney.

You may be able to get some additional info from this site: It's dedicated to wood stoves and the like.

Good luck.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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