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Wood Stove installation w/vaulted ceiling

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I'm planning to install a small wood stove, one rated for about 1000 sqft.

The pipe will go straight up through a vaulted ceiling.

I read somewhere that I should have something like 14' of pipe in order to get optimal draw through the stove; However, when I follow the code and put it 3' above the roof line, and 2' above the ridge which is within 10' of the pipe, I end up with a little over 9'.

Is that enough, since it's straight up.

Also, the ceiling/roof pitch is 4/12. I'm wondering if the plates on the wall thimble will conform to the angle, or do they make an angled thimble for such installations?

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Where are you located?
Temp difference will effect this as well
I had maybe 10' of pipe at my last house
The stove was newer w/catalytic converter - burned fine
You should be using insulated pipe going thru the roof & after that
So it doesn't cool down due to weather
"Where you are located?" is due to the fact hot stove air will rise faster if it is colder outside
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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