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Wood Replacement Under Threshold?

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I just purchased a home that has a back door with two windows on either side. I pulled out some rotted wood under the threshold coming into the house. Is there something I can put underneath the threshold to replace this wood? I would need something that would stop moisture from coming in. Is there some type of epoxy or something that I can put underneath this? I'm wanting to avoid replacing the entire threshold, as it goes underneath the windows on either side and would be a real pain to replace. Please see the attached image and picture it with no wood. Thanks for all answers.


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You can get all aluminium or one with synthetic wood. Your best bet would be to find a door shop/supplier in your area.

here is a manufacturer link.

I would bet you need to replace the entire jamb. Make sure you flash it properly and install a pan or flash it correctly at the bottom or you will be replacing more than a door in the near future.

This video is the best demonstration of how to properly flash a door i have came across. you may not have the same materials available but you should be able to adapt to what ever product you are using.

Post a picture of the outside when you can.
In most cases the reason this happens is a slab, stoop, deck, was built even with the threshold, or as mentioned there was no or improper flashing which is a big building 101 mistake and a sure way to have moisture damage.
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