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Wood Patio Cover Post Grounding

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My local building inspector (Yorba Linda, California) tells me I need to ground all 3 of the wooden post footing brackets to a ground rod with #8 wire. I've never heard of anything like this, he wants a 3ft ground rod pounded into the soil and the wires run from it to all 3 of the footing brackets that are set into 2ft deep holes w/conrete. He says it's for lightning protection. I can't find anything is the state building code about this. He also mentioned in passing that the pool rail for my swimming pool should also have the same grounding. Any thoughts on this?
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Are these post anchors within 6' of the pool?

If so, they may need to be bonded to the pools rebar, metal fencing and all the other metal stuff.

Ground rods aren't going to do anything. :wink:

Lightning protection ??:jester:
Yup. The post bases must be bonded but driving a rod will do nothing.

If thats what he wants, just do it. :jester:

It sounds easier than running the ground back to the service or pool equipment.

Oh's already finished.

How about this. Install some kind of non conductive covering around the post bases. Get a roll of pipe wrap and wrap it up past the metal.?? Trim out the bases with wood??? That should/may bring it into compliance.

If that fails you will have to run exposed wire back to the pool equipment or panel. It will be ugly (until you remove it after inspection).
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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