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wood gate

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My name is Jaime and i have wood fence gate project and i need some advice! the area that i will be working on is about 9 feet wide. I'm planning to put the gate door in the middle and I believe the average gate door is about 3 feet wide. The fence will be a board on board with a 2x4 cap, 1x4 trim, and 2x6 base. the gate door is where i believe i am having hard time because i would like the board on board with the cap, trim, and base. I fear it would sag. so i need some advice on on how i could build this door with out sagging, I guess what kind of posts I should use 6x6 or steel posts, please i need help, thanks
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How to keep a gate from sagging

The problem with using wood as your support system is it will expand and contract everytime it gets wet and dries back out. Instead go ahead and build your gate to match the rest of the fence and then use a metal frame. I have an adjustable metal frame that can keep your gate from sagging or twisting. I am telling you that this is an item I sell on my website. This is an item we use on our own fences that we install so I know it works. The name of the product is Gate Sag Eliminator. The link is below along with a link to a good pair of hinges and a latch.

Gate Sag Eliminator

8 inch Strap Hinges

Post Latch
RE: Turnbuckles

We have used turnbuckles before also with mixed results. The problem with a turnbuckle is it actually promotes the twisting of a gate frame because it only pulls from one side of the gate. The frame mentioned above is truly the best solution.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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