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wood gate

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My name is Jaime and i have wood fence gate project and i need some advice! the area that i will be working on is about 9 feet wide. I'm planning to put the gate door in the middle and I believe the average gate door is about 3 feet wide. The fence will be a board on board with a 2x4 cap, 1x4 trim, and 2x6 base. the gate door is where i believe i am having hard time because i would like the board on board with the cap, trim, and base. I fear it would sag. so i need some advice on on how i could build this door with out sagging, I guess what kind of posts I should use 6x6 or steel posts, please i need help, thanks
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I would use Ron's ideas. The turnbuckle is adjustable for seasonal changes in the wood.

If you only use one, make sure it is bottom latch- diagonally- top hinge, it carries the weight.

Here is quite a few hinges rated for different weight assemblies, and a turnbuckle - last, bottom: Be safe, G
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