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Wood Floor Spacing Dilema

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I appologize for length of this post in advance but needed to make sure I get all the details in it. I installed these two 9 foot folding doors in the corner of a Kitchen/dining/greatroom. Originallly we were going to put tile in this area flush with threshold of doors. The doors were installed with Threshold is 3/4 inch above subfloor for this reason. Due to costs and other reasons we have decided to use wood floor in entire room. I was planning on installing the wood to be flush with this threshold. However I am now learning you need a gap between for expansion.

I was thinking of using 5/8 solid Bamboo from here cali bamboo

Has anyone had this issue before, my only options I see are going forward with butting the floor and risking damage to floor or use cut a piece of quarter round down to 1/8" hieght to fit this gap and not go over threshold.

Other thoughts are to go with a thinner engineered floor and gluing it down to plywood which gives me a little more room for molding. However I really wanted to do nailin

enclosed are pictures of doors and the threshold with a 3/4 inch wood to show heigth.

thanks in advance for your advice


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You're over thinking your dilemma. Whatever flooring you do choose has special expansion moldings that will work in this situation. The molding will provide the space for expansion and cover up the gap. You could also make your own expansion molding.
thats my wife says, but I know once Install and fabricate a molding she'll have a fit ;-) problem is I only have 1/8th inch additional heighth I have to work with. I guess the question is has anyone cut a quarter round down to 1/8 inch to cover a gap and how good does it look. Im tempted to reduce the gap to 1/4 inch and just use caulk to fill it and not use any molding but got a lot of negative advice against that.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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