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Wood floor over laminate tile

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Almost done with converting an enclosed porch into living space. I found the perfect match wood flooring that is in my living room. The new room floor is 3/4" OSB with a nice vapor barrier and locking laminate tile that is floating. The tile pieces are mostly 1' by 3'. Locked together. If the tile is in place, the wood floor matches perfectly in height when I sit planks on it. So, can I nail the hardwood directly over the laminate tiles? If I can, does there need to be some type of barrier between the tile and and wood planks. Can I just take the vapor barrier under the tile out and lay it on top of the tile? So it would then be 3/4" OSB, laminate tile, vapor barrier, then wood floor planks. Can a floor/blind nailer penetrate through laminate tile. They are pretty tough.
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Laminate needs to come out.
What's a "nice vapor barrier"
It should be just tar paper or kraft paper under the flooring.
Need to raise the height then add a layer of subfloor rated plywood the thickness you need.
I don't think that you have a good idea---you never mentioned how thick that floating floor is--you mention tile---are these ceramic?

The nailed down flooring needs a solid immovable subfloor --not something that can move---

Peal off the laminate/floating floor--add the needed plywood (stapled every 8 inches) and then you will have a proper surface for your hardwood.
OK, got it, laminate tile coming up and plywood going down. What about the layer between the plywood and wood flooring. The material on the floor now is in great shape. Its only lightly taped at the edges and already cut to fit the room. I could roll it up and reuse it. It's like a 2 or 3 mil foam. Really tough stuff. Can I put that over the plywood or should I use rosin paper etc... I also have a bunch of tyvex house wrap on a roll. Can I use the house wrap if I can't use the foam pad/floor muffler?
Tyvex is not a vapor barrier.
No way do you want anything with a cushion under a hardwood floor.
Toss it.
Rosin paper isn't a vapor barrier. I would think tyvex would be more water resistant then rosin paper. Plus the thousands of cleat holes.
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