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Last night, around 9:20, I finally put in the last piece of 7/8" Engineered Acacia Wood Floor. Around 1400 square feet of it. It went in all of the first floor except for our bathrooms and master closet.

We were going to put it in the master closet but, we don't think we would have enough.

We have also replaced all of our doors, both interior and exterior. Well, except for 1 of the garage doors, still trying to find another one on special like we got the other one. ($150 for an insulated 8' x 7' GD).

I have the slab to replace the door between the garage and the house, just need to install it. And the closet door in the Main Bathroom, it's all painted, just need to hang it.

The doors to the master Bathroom and Closet will be installed today. Just need to hang the barn door hardware. The doors are painted and ready to hang.

Pictures to come soon, both old and new.

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