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Wood floor drying, build raised platform?

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I'm pulling up disgusting urine soaked carpet. The wood underneath is ruined in places, having been wet for apparently many weeks, maybe months. I read it takes weeks or months for it to dry out. (I know I can use a fan or dehumidifier to help.)

The issue is that I don't have weeks or months to wait. I need to store boxes in these rooms very soon, without them getting ruined. I'd like the wood floor to get some air and continue drying, but I have to "cover" the floor to put my boxes. (Months down the road I would like to sand and seal and use the room as a workshop or continue to use for storage. Half the floor is really ugly anyway, with paint drips and faded color.)

I am looking for a cheap solution, the cheapest that is still relatively easy and relatively good. I assume it's much, much better if I somehow have a raised little "platform" to place the boxes on so the wood floor can get some air? I'm not sure if I can do this, some edges/corners might be wet too. I am fine with screwing wood or metal into the drywall if needed.

My other ideas were to place wood pallets or paneling or untreated plywood or hollow doors on the floor. Hoping that the moisture in the wood floor would soak into the wood I added (wood I got cheap and I don't care about throwing out months later). It seems much better to do a platform, how much would it cost... bunch of 2x4s and then plywood/pallets/paneling?

Or should I put coats of sealant on now, even though it's wet?

Input please. Thanks!
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You don't want to do anything to stop the drying process. And you can't seal it wet. Pallets may work, but wherever the pallet touches the floor it will impede drying, perhaps not allowing it to dry at all. Metal racking would work, but it won't be cheap. Inverted plastic bread trays....about 4" tall could work. At any rate you will have to purchase something.....or you could tear out the floor now and replace the bad plywood.
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Oh yes, metal would be nice. I might try to find some cheaply, or fashion some kind of rack or shelf from these pieces of metal I have. The metal was going to be for another project, but may use them for shelves for now.

Plastic bread trays are an excellent idea too, or something similar that holds more weight. Maybe I will get lucky and get some cheaply. Thanks.

I'm not down to exposed plywood yet. Under the carpet padding is like wooden planks. It's an old building, I don't know how old, but I have seen this in 1920s-1950s houses? They don't look like a very nice wood, maybe due to age. In one room they are stained and look nice, the part that isn't ruined. I'm short on time and worried if I pull some up, I'll make the situation worse for now.
If you can get the bread trays, you could lay plywood over them. The ones I am thinking of could support an automobile with the correct plywood.
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