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Wood floor around railing

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Could someone please help me with how to lay flooring (2.25 x .75 t&g HW) around this railing?

I plan on placing landing tread around the exposed floor edge as you can see in the second photo. The tread is around 4" deep so it's looking like I'll have to rip that or find some way to notch it so it can be placed over the area where it attaches. Does this make sense?

The other question involves the current piece of trim resembling stair nose. I assume I'll need to square off the end of that as well.

I would GREATLY appreciate hearing from people as to how they would solve this problem.

Thanks folks!:thumbsup:



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If this is solid wood and your naling it down (sounds like it) then you can remove railing and reinstall it after the wood is down.
No need to go (around) it
Thanks, Wiz. Are there coverings for where it would attach to the wood? That would be a little unsightly, IMO.

It goes on over the wood. Not unsightly if you remove the white paint and repaint the railing.
nope...looks good with a nice repaint.
Consider using the speckled paint instead of solid black....I like it at least...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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