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Wood Column Rotting

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I have a wood column on the end of my porch that is rotting and porch celing is becoming unlevel. It is sitting on concrete. How do I replace this column?
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Post a picture.
If it's sitting in driect contact with the slab it's going to rot.
It was suppost to be sitting on a post base to keep it out of the moisture.
Going to have to use a bottle jack and a 4 X 4 to lift enough to slide it out, cut it off and add a post base.
If its a round column or something decorative you may be able to cut some of the bottom off and sit it back down on a pressure treated platform. You will need to jack up the roof about a half inch to remove the column. As suggested above, use a jack. even a car floor jack will work. Screw a 2 x 4 diagonally across the ceiling about 6 inches behind the column, from the front to the side. Then jack it up slip out the column and do your repairs
Do not use pressure treated, use vinyl or a post base instead.
Never use a car jack!!!
And it does not need to be lifted 1". If you did somethings going to break.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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