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Wondering what to do

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I need help getting my furnace started (woman 63 years old)
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oil furnace

Tank ran out, furnace won't start
Put 10 gallons in tank.
undid bleeder screw on the pump
No fuel coming out of bleeder.
What do I do now
You have an obstruction. Very often when you allow an oil appliance to run out of fuel the very last bit will have some sediment or rust which finally makes it to the orfices. Is there a shut off valve on the tank so you can take apart and clean the fuel system? Or do you have to siphon out the fuel. Either way, it needs a thorough cleaning.:yes:
Oil Furnace

Thank you Missouri for your reply.
This job is much bigger than I thought.
I called the Service but it's the weekend and he told me to try holding the green button for 15 seconds.
I still have nothing from bleeder I'll try the green button and let you know.
Again thank you.
You are very welcome, and good luck.:thumbsup:
Oil Furnace

It would seem that the furnace locked me out (smart) since I took out the bleeder screw and would have lost a lot of fuel very fast.
Holding the button in reset the furnace and activated the pump some how and the fuel ran red and then clear with a lot of force.
The furnace did kick in. And I thank you.
I'm a 63 year old woman living in the country in northern Ontario and it's -14 that's Celsius or about 5 degrees.
But your quick reply warms my heart: thumbup:
Are you comfortable using an electrical meter? If not, then your best bet would be to call up friends and find out who they have used (and whether they are happy with them or not) and get with that company.

If you know how to handle a meter, then how about some specifics, such as make and model of furnace, does it "try" to start up (makes noise, but nothing happens), or does it not do anything (did you check the breaker?).
Like the above poster was getting at, we're going to need more info. You don't necessarily need an electrical test meter. Not yet anyway. Did you just move into a new place and this is the first time you've tried to turn on the heat? Is this the first time turning it on for the hearing season? Was it previously working and recently stopped providing heat? Gas forced air furnace? In floor heat? Baseboards? Give us any info you have, we'll be happy to assist.
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