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This is my bathroom as was day i bought my house. At night it is very dark on tub side. so far only change has been new toilet.:wink2:

Eventually most of bath will be gutted.:vs_karate: New wider longer tub . New lights
New counter out with old double sink to one bigger sink.:biggrin2:

I also want to open up that wall for light.Put in glass. My issue is my shower is in that wall! And co-owner does not want to move plumbing.:vs_mad::vs_sob:

So I am wondering about glass blocks. Is is possible to have one one row across above shower head and one or 2 rows on each side of the plumbing to let light in to my bath/shower?

:glasses:I have looked for pictures but have found none. I find it hard to believe no one has already done this! :vs_OMG:

So folks can I do this and not wreck my bathroom?
Also thought of adding a light in there,but way my ceiling is would have to rip out whole ceiling and co owner again says no! :vs_mad::vs_sob:

Any advice thoughts?
Thanks Rain


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Thanks Ghostmaker,

I thought we would have to add support for bathtub as it is going to be longer so we have to move the wall with the shower plumbing stuff anyway . New tub might as wide as to edge of window and will be about foot longer.Co owner is 5 ft 8in and wants to be able to lie down.:wink2:
It is one of two hall bathrooms ,other will have a large walk in shower only.

We discussed having a tub only in this bathroom but decided to keep tub/shower combo.

This room will be used as master bath as its closer and larger and with walkin for guest and our two teenagers.

Right now this bathroom counter top now has 2 sinks with 2 separate drains.Do not know why.

One bonus we have is under bathroom is full unfinished walkout basement with all open plumbing in ceiling.:biggrin2:.

So if we need support beams under wall or tub, we have room to do

So no matter what we do we will have to:
A remove old tub ,
B remove old sinks
C remove old counter
D remove old plumbing for tub/shower.old sink drains.

We have layout options.
Floor area is 12 ft by 7.That includes toilet but not tub or sink. So we could move sink. Or have open tub or separate shower on that side.

What would you do? We do not have a But we need to be economical as possible cause we as are on fixed income,we will be saving for this project and can only afford to do it once. Resale not a big consideration.Daily use is more important.

This is our retirement home with no plans to Ever move again.

The only thing I know for sure, we will not move the toilet plumbing. :vs_no_no_no:
So I need to estimates to see what it will cost.

I can not even make a guess.
Anyone got a guess what this will cost? We can rip out old tub,counter and sinks ourselves. Demo we can We have a Lowes and Home Depot close to whatever is neeed.

Possibly even remove old plumbing if it will make job cheaper/easier for plumber to make their magic.:vs_cool:
Thanks Rain

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Will you be the one pulling the permits and doing all the work/labor.

If so, it shouldn't be too hard to figure an estimate for parts, materials, etc.

Make a list of all the items you need go to Lowes/hd depot website and start pricing it out. Just a suggestion.

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We live in county that needs no permits.:smile:
But will need actual plumber .Have no idea what materials needed .Except tub/shower,sink,cabinet. I can drop traps,clean em maybe replace, and replace a faucet or tweak a
leaky toilet but thats the limit of my plumbing skills. I have no idea about supports and stuff but hubby can do simple carpentry and has built a storage room in our basement.
So some of it ,we can do, some we can not
Thanks for input.

No matter who does it I think it will be cheaper if we rip out ourselves the old tub,old wall and sinks and cabinet. Should we rip out old plumbing also or let a professional do it? All tub/shower stuff has to move and I see no need of 2 drains for one sink, so I am thinking best to just replace with new?
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