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Wonderboard Base Dry time.

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I am redoing my bathroom floor and have decide to use wonderboard as the backer board.
When I set that into the subfloor with thinset and then screw it down every 6" or so. Meshing the joints and what not.

Do I have to let the Thinset & Wonderboard base dry before I start placing tiles?

Has any one done this other than the Home Depot Guy that suggested this to me.
I don't want do a bunch of work and then have to redo it all , although placing the tiles right after the wonderboard goes down would be super convenient for me.
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Put the WB down with thinset, fasteners, fiberglass tape etc. then take a short break to mix more thinset at the new viscosity and start tiling. Unless you wanna turn a one & a half day job into a 3 day job.

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