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Woman needs help lol Thermostat problem

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I had a friend come over and install a new programmable thermostat. The new one only ran the heat. When he put the old one back on, that only ran the heat too. Everything (heat, fan, A/C all ran fine before new one was put in). I have replaced the new old with the old one again and still no A/C or fan. Only heat..... Any suggestions?
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Old one is a Honeywell (can't find model #), new one is a hunter 44110. I'll see if I can post pics. Thanks!
Hope this helps


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model# of old thermostat, model# of new thermostat, do you have a heatpump. Post pictures of the thermostat, and the connections with their colors on the air handler. If everything was hooked up as they were on the old thermostat, then someone did not read the installer instructions in setting up the new one for your system.
I have a forced air furnace (not sure what a heat pump is)
The Honeywell (old thermo) is a ct3400
I don't think so. All that I see is the ac unit
Take back the Hunter and get a Honeywell. Hunters are not good thermostats.

The old one worked fine..... wish it would work again
If it ain't broke - don't fix it lol I should have followed this rule of thumb lol:furious:
what is an air handler and where are the wires? lol
I am in a mobile home. The heater/Fan is in a closet but I can't make heads or tails of all the wires :(
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