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Wiring with Superior Walls

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Hi All,

My basement has superior walls and I am slowly purchasing the material needed to finish it over the winter. The superior walls that I have are the newer ones (house built 12/10) and have the galvanized steel plates on the studs. I purchased these gang boxes for my outlet receptacles and plan on screwing them into the side of the galvanized plate.

My question for the experienced electrical folks on here....according to the NEC, do I need to use a specific type of screw to attach the gang boxes to the studs? What type of screw would be best suited for this type of job?

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The NEC doesn't dictate which screws to use as long as the box is securely fastened to the frame. I'd guess some self drilling screws would work well.
Whatever hold the box securely. No NEC requirements other than being securely fastened.
Great! Thanks for the info guys.

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