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Wiring Switch For New Chandelier

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I am adding a chandelier to a dining room and need some advice on switch wiring. The dining room currently has low voltage recessed lighting. When this room was remodeled 10 years ago we thought we might add a chandelier, so the electrician ran unterminated romex from the potential chandelier location to the switch box. I've opened up the drywall, installed a junction box, and hung and wired the chandelier at the junction box.

The issue is now with getting the wiring done in the 3 gang switch box. As of now 2 of the three switches in that box are being used:
* Switch #1: Part of 3-way circuit controlling lights in the kitchen.
* Switch #2: Single pole switch controlling low voltage lights in the dining room.

*NONE* of the unused romex in the switch box seems to have any power. (And there's lots of unused romex in this box - like 5 cables. One of them goes to the chandelier as described. I know another goes to an outside location on the chance we'd add an outdoor light. The other ones - I don't know where they go."

I'd like to use the 3rd switch location to control the new chandelier. I understand I'll need to wire the chandelier romex in series with a circuit. Can I just use one of the power wires from the other two working lights switches? If so - it seems to be getting a small amount of power. This breaker is 15 amp. Can it be increased to get more power to the switch box? Is there something else I should be looking at or doing to get this wired up?


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If you have power at the switch location like the 2 top diagrams below.

In a 3-way configuration, if the new switch is at the location a 3-way switch "A", you can grab power...but at switch "B", there is only switched power.


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