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I am wiring a subpanel in my garage. I needed a run of 85' of #6 wire for my 60 amp panel. However when I got the wire and it is only 75'. I can't complain since I got the wire for free...but the issue it I'm still 10' short. I can go buy 4 more runs of #6. But I am at a loss as to how I can connect these wires together. I have heard I need to out it in a j-box. But I have heard and read many different ways of joining the wire together. I have heard butt connectors, wire nuts, soldering and even putting in a box with 4 poles in it. Needless to say I'm confused and would like to ultimately get it to pass inspection.

So my questions are...will an 85' run of wire with a junction in it pass inspection for a subpanel? What kind of j-box do I need (size, metal vs plastic), what should I use to join the wire (wire nuts, butt connectors, etc), how do I wrap these wires when I put them together (insulated tape, rubber tape, electrical tape), and finally I am running 4 #6 thhn through 1" Pvc 90c conduit, can I use #8 or #10 as ground so I don't have to go buy more #6 since I can get #8 and #10 for free.

Thanks for all of your help and if u have any questions please let me know.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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