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Wiring subpanel question

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I am looking at adding a subpanel in my garage. The previous owners had a hot tub on the back deck so there is a 220v panel, but the hot tub is gone. I want to move the wires into the garage and add a subpanel to use for my 220v table saw.

There are two 6 gauge hot wires ran from the main panel to there and a ground wire that goes to a ground rod, no neutral.

Can I take a subpanel and put the two hot wires to it and connect the ground wire to the neutral bar?
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Does the ground go back to the main or does it originate in the panel and end at the ground rod? If the latter, this circuit should be disconnected as it was installed by a wannabe and is a major shock hazard. The ground must be connected where the circuit originates.
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