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Wiring subpanel question

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I am looking at adding a subpanel in my garage. The previous owners had a hot tub on the back deck so there is a 220v panel, but the hot tub is gone. I want to move the wires into the garage and add a subpanel to use for my 220v table saw.

There are two 6 gauge hot wires ran from the main panel to there and a ground wire that goes to a ground rod, no neutral.

Can I take a subpanel and put the two hot wires to it and connect the ground wire to the neutral bar?
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Ok so I now have four wires from the main panel-

2- 6 gauge hots
2- 8 gauge for neutral and ground

1- 6 gauge ground ran to a grounding rod in the backyard

I hooked up a 220 outlet to a 20 amp breaker with 12/2

For my air compressor i am confused: they have it wired with two hits and a ground so I would put the hots into the breaker and the ground to the ground- so that would leave the neutral bar with nothing connected to it?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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