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wiring sub panel right next to main panel

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I just got a new miller TIG welder and air compressor. Welder is 230v and requires a 30 amp sp breaker, the compressor is 220v and probably would use the same. I purchased a 100 amp wo load center w/ 6 spaces in it. I wanted to install 3 220v breakers in it. I'm gonna mount it to wall about 6 inches away from main panel, and have a 60 amp breaker for the main panel to power the sub. Do I run 3 or 4 wire? And do I bond the sub panels neutral bar or not? The main panel is bonded. And was going to use emt between boxes. Getting frusterated and antsey to use welder. (main panel is 100 amp) (third dp breaker in sub panel is for tablesaw) ANYONE PLEASE HELP!!!
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the ground and neutral bars MUST be connected together in a main panel-MUST NOT be connected in a sub panel.

In your main panel there will be a screw or strap or the like to insure that they are bonded together, just leave it out of the sub.

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Ok. That sounds good. Thanks again for your simple answers and not making it more complicated than it had to be. Only asked because of the emt connecting the subs ground to other box. Thanks.
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