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I am currently wiring in a smart switch (tp-link HS200 version 1) single switch. Once I pulled the old switch, I noticed that it only had one positive (black) and one negative (white) on it, with the ground shoved in the back of the box. I removed the switch, and checked the new smart switch, which has 2 black, one white and one ground coming off of it.

Am I correct in believing that I cannot wire this together? From what I have researched, the two black wires on the switch cannot run together in the single positive wire coming out of the wall.

Any info would be appreciated. For now, I have the old switch back in place.

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What you have is called a switch leg. Power goes down to the switch, and back up to the light.

You are correct that the smart switch will not work the way that it is wired.

There are a few different options.
1) buy a smart switch that does not need a neutral wire
2) replace the 2 conductor wire with a 3 conductor wire between the switch and the light.
3) run power from a somewhere else to the switch, and change some joints around in the light.

I vote option #1.

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