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Wiring question.....

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I am currently having issues with the circuit of outlets in my garage/ workshop.

All of a sudden the circuit that has our garage door opener and the outlets in the wall stopped working. Whoever wired this circuit I dont believe knew what they were doing. The circuit has three, yes three GFI outlets wired in succession and then a light switch and two more duplex outlets. I am pretty sure that one of the GFI outlets is bad.

I plugged a circuit tester into the outlet closest and it showed it was wired correctly. I checked the one next (another GFI) to it working my way away from the breaker panel to find that this one shows that the hot and ground are reversed. The next outlet is another GFI and also shows hot and ground reversed as well as the two remaining duplex outlets. Any thoughts about the placement of the GFI's and how the first one is wired correctly but the rest of them are showing hot and neutral reversed?
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Look for a loose neutral at the ones showing H-G reversed.
Hot ground reversed is open neutral indication. It could be in the last good working device or the first dead device in the line.
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Would replacing the two extra GFI's in the line help correct this issue?
Probably not. The issue is a loose or open neutral, not too many GFCI,
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