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Wiring Question....

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Hi guys, I have a couple questions and would like to see if anyone here can help me.

First off I live in an apartment with a attached garage. So I CAN NOT modify any of the electrical stuff.

I picked up an oven and need to try to use the same outlet as I do my compressor. I know I would only be able to use one at a time BUT thats ok.

Ok now for about a month or so I have my compressor wired into a 35 foot 10-3 cable that I run into the house and plug it into my dryer socket. It works PERFECTLY fine. Now what I would like to do is take that cord that plugs into the dryer outlet and add another outlet on the end of it. Another one that looks like the dryer plug on the wall. So all I would have to do is plug in either the compressor or the oven. I could only use one at a time but that is fine.

What do you guys think? Will that work?
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Are you talking about making an extension cord?
Yes basically a 35 foot cable with one side male and one side female. So I can switch from my compressor to my oven.

30amp breaker
10-3 cable
not sure rating of oven
compressor runs off the breaker just fine.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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