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Wiring Question about Switch & Outlet combo

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In regards to a Switch & Outlet combo.
I am trying to wire a Security Motion light. I have run new Black, & White wires with bare copper ground. I would like to use power from an existing outlet which has 3 wires Black, Red, & White with a bare copper ground.
This Switch & Outlet combo has 2 black screws a brass screw a chrome screw and green ground screw.
I had hoped for the Switch to be on/off for the Motion light and the bottom outlet for appliances.
Which color wires go to which color screw?
Do I have to remove the Break Off fin ?
Thank you
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Motion sensors (and other stuff) usually requires a neutral (aka 4 wires.)

Do you know what kinda switch/outlet combo you have? Maybe I/we can find the documents. The break off fin units I've seen, you either break off or leave depending on if you've got two power source lines (circuits) or just one.
If your source receptacle is in the kitchen on the countertop, you won't be able to draw from it as they are dedicate circuits. Look at the hot side of the receptacle that you say has red/black/white wires going to it. Is the tab between the red an black wire broken? If so, the receptacle is half switch operated. It could be derived from a multi wire branch circuit to feed all the receptacles in the kitchen. Again, if so, you can't use it.

Post a picture or two of the receptacle and switch/receptacle.
The Switch & Outlet is
Rated: Switch :15A-120VAC
Outlet: 15A-125V
This video will help you quicker than texts will:
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