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Wiring Programable Thermostat

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I am looking for some help. My husband and I bought a new thermostat that we could program, however when he removed the old one he didn't label the wires and now the new thermostat will not work. Can someone help me figure out where the following wires go. Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, White, and Blue.:furious:
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Please does any one have any information?
Please does any one have any information?
When the original thermostat was installed, the installer could have used any color combination that he chose to.
The wires will need to be identified at the furnace, as to their function.
If you are unsure about working on the innards of your furnace, you should have a furnace person sort this out!

Whenever I change something like this, I like to snip the wires off, leaving a bit of the insulation,rather than unscrew them.
Then when a question arises, a quick look at the old thermostat will tell you what color goes where.
Of course, a photo from a digital camera would have worked also!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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